Editing your own work (e-course)

Editing your own work (e-course)


Whoa, there! You think your manuscript is ready to send out to a publisher or agent, but I’m betting it’s not. Even if you’ve had your writing group, mom, dog, beta reader, or significant other look at it for you, there’s no substitute for editing. The first step is to do it yourself, followed (usually) by hiring a professional editor.

Why not make the best impression possible? This course will take you on a step-by-step journey toward making your writing that much more professional.

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Showing vs. Telling? What the hell does that mean?

How many rhetorical questions do we need?

Passive voice? What even IS that?

What have I got against the word ‘very’?

All this and more is at your fingertips as you work your way through this fun, informative course on editing your own writing.


This course is designed for those writers looking for a place to start in honing their manuscripts before sending them out to a publisher, agent, or writing group. The lessons use Microsoft Word 365 for Mac, and while different versions of Word vary in appearance and functionality, the basic features we’ll be using will be available in most versions for PC or Mac.