Kimmy Beach


You’re in a safe harbour with me. I’ve mentored and taught all across western Canada with gigs at The University of Alberta, YouthWrite, St. Peter’s College, Sage Hill Writing Experience, The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, The Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and Parkland Regional Library. Publishers who like me to edit for them include Radiant Press, Wolsak&Wynn, Arsenal Pulp Press, Turnstone Press, Thistledown Press, and the University of Alberta Press.

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What I Do…

…I light fires under writers’ asses. I want to make your writing even better than it is. I never lose sight of the fact that your inspiration for the work is the most important thing.


Street Cred

I’ve worked with over 200 writers.

I’ve edited over 20 books.

The books I’ve worked on have been up for 18 awards and counting, including the GG for poetry.

I have a BA (Honours First Class) in English.

I’m a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

I’ve edited for multiple Canadian Presses, including the University of Alberta Press, Wolsak&Wynn, Turnstone Press, Arsenal Pulp Press, Radiant Press, and Thistledown Press.


“my manuscript came alive”

“Kimmy is a terrific reader, editor, literary advisor. She has a sharp eye, a wonderful sense of character, and a honed instinct for narrative flow. Her precise innovative response and suggestions energized my writing. Without Kimmy,The Left-Handed Dinner Party, would still be a pile of paper sitting in a drawer that I occasionally slid open and ruefully closed. The best thing I ever did was ask Kimmy to read it. With her help, my manuscript came alive for me again.”

– Myrl Coulter