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Sometimes, a Sheriff just wants to stop fighting crime and breaking up bar fights to pause and have a look at the lake…

I get it. It was our thirty-second wedding anniversary the other day, and our tradition is to camp over that week. All I want to do is look at the lake. One of our favourite campgrounds is close to home, so we can come into town if we need to (I’m at home as I write this), and get the hell back out there ASAP.


While I’ve been in town, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my e-course which goes live at 12:01am on the 15th of October. I mention the time, because for the first week of the course, I’m offering an early bird discount of 15%.

How do you get that code, you ask? Easy! Go here, and sign up to my website. Once you do, you’ll receive a quick note with the discount code in it.

It’s only good for a week, and then the price goes back up to $179 Canadian. And bonus! At the end of the course, I explain that weird art behind me. It’s one of my favourite things in the world.

Here’s a screen shot from my welcome video inside the course. Don’t I clean up purty!

Here’s a screen shot from my welcome video inside the course. Don’t I clean up purty!

Here’s a teaser of the course menu for you if you’ve been thinking about enrolling, but aren’t sure what you’re going to learn. As it happens, you’re going to learn a CRAP TON.

Try this on for size:

Module 1: Lessons: Welcome! Basic formatting in Word. Correcting obvious errors Word points out. Reading with your eyeballs.

Module 2: Lessons: Fact checking. Easy trims. Plot and character consistency.

Module 3: Lessons: Clichés. Adverbs. Hyperbole.

Module 4: Lessons: Point of view and head jumping. Passive and active voices. Superhuman eyeballs.

Module 5: Lessons: Unnecessary phrases/words including dialogue starters. Specific words vs. generalizations. Showing vs. telling. Foreshadowing vs. telegraphing.

Module 6: Lessons: Quoting and permissions. Tense. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Punctuation. Final read-through.

YER DONE! It’s adult beverage o’clock!

You’ll see me (in real time) editing a story I wrote for the course, so you can see exactly what I’m doing, and you’ll be able to apply it to your own work immediately with the techniques I’ll be teaching you. Most of the lessons include instructional videos of my screen in which I make myself laugh and lose my place, my train of thought, and any clue about what the hell I wanted to do next. In other words, you get the true authentic me as I edit. I might even sing…

You’ll also hear the occasional background dulcet tones of Gus, the Championship Howler Doggo™ (14/10 on the @weratedogs scale) who lives next door. Gus is loved and pampered and don’t you DARE LEAVE HIM ALONE FOR FIVE MINUTES. Once in a while, large machinery tears up streets while I’m recording, and many magpies have spirited and annoying conversations in my back yard. The soundtrack to these videos is unique and interesting!

Sound like fun? It is! I had a blast creating it, and I hope it will be of value to you. Happy weekend!

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